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Diverse Communities

Each community, big or small, has their own story to share. By building a balanced approach to arts, culture, heritage, music and culinary travelers - you will strengthen tourism opportunities.

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Serving Diverse Needs

Our expertise in working with museums, theaters, DMOs, arts alliances, chambers of commerce and tourism boards, positions our extensive shared learnings for expanded growth and continuity.

A Hands-On Approach

In building a strategic plan, utilizing a hands-on approach delivers results. Our team provides focused one, two and three day workshops that will inform, teach and create  - while benchmarking success.

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Program Development

From mapping the path, to framing an arts & culture marketing strategy, our team will ensure the metrics also complement the development benchmarks for partner organizations.

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A Flexible Menu 

Finding the right arts & culture business development ingredients is our passion. We'll work with your organization and community to create optimal cultural connections and strategic initiatives that blend together.

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Tailored Solutions

USCHMC will work with your organization to develop solution based programs and strategic plans that connect your goals and objectives for long-standing measurable results. 


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